Venice Design 2019

Human Bin is an active outerwear collection that challenges the disconnected relationship between people and the waste they produce in the public system. It is a platform that encourages meaningful micro-interactions between the wearer, the wider public and the built environment. 

Despite council effort and popular wishful belief, only 10% of street litter is recycled; yet unfortunately, public concern on waste treatment often ceases at the level of putting something in the rubbish/recycling bin. In collaboration with knitwear designer Lingxiao Luo, Taiho Shin has designed a garment that enables micro-interactions in the public space. Through the educational exchange between the wearer and the public, it urges its interactors to rethink our relationship and responsibility with rubbish beyond the bin, onto a much larger waste disposal system.

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Collectors Coat

Inspiring Children Through Design//Across RCA

Mission Statement Collectors Coat is an interactive, travel-friendly raincoat for children who are on the go and intrigued by the world around them while having fun on the way to school or home. Taking inspiration from the children's designs and prototypes, with the main themes of problems they wanted to solve being - travelling fast, eco-technology and taking and having your belongings with you.

Materiality and Features The coat is made up of a coated plastic material and carries small pockets all over the coat with primary coloured taping down each side. The hood has a feature to change and personalise different characters ears and masks for the face. Within some of the pockets, there are built-in plants to connect with a face mask. This will allow children to physically breathe into the plants to create oxygen and keep the plants alive, teaching sustainability, biology and about the environment.

Aim Our aim within creating the Collectors Coat was to get children interacting with the world around them and getting them to think about the environment in a fun and personalised way.


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