Nike By You

This December, Nike by You indoor event in Shanghai is presenting a functional accessory collection with reflective materials for styling up with the winter running products.



RCA Project for
IFF(International Flavors & Fragrances)

Playfume is a brand new type of perfume product. It’s made with 3D printing technique, which can keep the perfume liquid inside. With the little hole on the surface, customers can easily get tiny amount of the fragrance out of the packaging each time. Also, compare to the traditional perfume producing, the producing process with 3D printing is fast, cheap and without material wasting.


The Future of Street Football in London

RCA//Adidas 2016/17

Considering the weather variations, modern lifestyle and the future city planning in London, I decided to design a football shoe with multifunctional pieces. I replaced the brand’s signature white stripes into flexible Lego bricks which were 3D printed directly on the 3D knitted shoe. So that the user can change the soles or other functional accessories by the 3D printed parts easily and enjoy the football culture in any kinds of occasions.


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