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The Genderless Princess

RCA Digital Characters 2017

As a fashion design student with interest in children’s gender identity and genderless fashion. My own childhood’s experience of gender identity confusion and my design background with childrenswear drives me to do this researching about the gender elements in the animation I enjoyed watching when I was a child.
I took part in the digital character designing project, which gave me a chance to use digital software to create a character who would live in London 300 years later. Base on my dissertation researching, I tried to image the storyline for a new princess who would live in a genderless utopia.


[jìng]   [wù]   quiet   object

A still-life environment about the migration memories with the objects collected during the trips.

Art Movement & Trade

LCF GraDip Menswear Project

Getting inspiration from brutalism and toy seller.
By working with 3D moulding software and traditional crocheting technique, I’ve applied the functionalism and concrete-like texture into menswear with a dramatic silhouette.

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